Normally the clay original is constructed over a wooden or metal armature or framework. When completed, plaster moulds are taken from it. Because of the nature of this moulding procedure, the original clay model is normally irretrievably damaged or even destroyed. 

The technique which I use involves a different type of support and features a hollow- constructed clay original which is then cut into sections for ease of handling and subsequently fired. The fired sections are then transported to the foundry where I re-assemble them into larger sections according to the foundry’s requirements. Rubber or sand moulds are then taken from these now durable sections and the casting process continues from there. 

Using the original clay model as a second statue

The fired clay original survives the whole process LARGELY intact meaning that the sections can be  assembled  into what is in effect a second statue. This can be given a suitable finish so that it  can be displayed  complete or in part, e.g. head and shoulders, at another location.


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A Different Approach to Bronze Sculpture